Our Quality Policy

Producing Products For A Healthy Life

Sanovel Pharmaceutical pursues continuous development through its innovative approaches. In every project it undertakes, the company ensures to not deviate from the quality policy. Along with its employees, Sanovel aims to protect ethical values and to preserve continuity in its approach. In accordance with the purpose for which Sanovel was founded, it adopts a quality policy that includes the expectations of all our stakeholders and our responsibilities towards the patients, public and the environment.

  • Sanovel's quality culture is founded on the concept of "Right the First Time". Every staff member adopts the principles of patient safety and provides excellence in our operations.
  • Sanovel's quality culture begins with researching and developing a product. From production through to our distribution networks, it involves all the processes and is based on continuous development.
Data Integrity and Security

At Sanovel Pharmaceutical, the requirements concerned with data integrity apply equally to data in paper or electronic form. This approach encourages the reporting of potential errors openly. To create an effective working environment, all necessary data is transferred to all staff at Sanovel Pharmaceutical and the service providers.

In line with the Code of Federal Regulations Part 11 and the Eudralex Vol.4 Annex-11 guidelines, all laboratory devices are selected for the purpose of creating and protecting the data in a “correct, original, simultaneous, legible, qualifiable” form, and are configured according to current expectations. The systems are periodically checked and the requirements for modernisation or corrective/preventive action are evaluated.

Thanks to the "Scientific Data Management System (SDMS)" used in the laboratory, the scientific data produced are electronically controlled and confirmed, aggregated in a common database, and stored in a secure environment to allow retrospective research. Sanovel uses SDMS as a solution used to improve data flow, advance decision-making capabilities, shorten product time to market, ensure compliance with current regulations, and increase the value of scientific data, which is vital for the company.

Our Quality Policy

Our firm is a manufacturer of products that help support a healthy life and thereby promises to:

  • Establish a Quality Management System in accordance with national + international standards and cGMP regulations
  • Manufacture products that are effective, safe, and of the desired quality
  • Manage our resources in the most effective and productive manner
  • Continuously review the level of quality based on customer requirements and satisfaction, with the participation of all employees
  • Comply with the stipulations of the quality management system and continuously improve efficiency

Making our way into the future through R&D

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