Diversity and Inclusion at Sanovel

Offering All Our Employees A Life That Is Balanced & Worthwhile

Offering All Our Employees A Life That Is Balanced & Worthwhile

We at Sanovel believe that, in business life, the most fundamental requirements for a successful working environment are equality, creativity, and the creation of value. We believe that what makes each of us unique and valuable are our viewpoints, lives, personal history, and differences. We do not discriminate on ethnic origin, religion, language, race, age, gender, sexual orientation, nationality, disability, or culture, and adopt a balanced, fair and just approach in all human resources processes. This is one of our most valuable perspectives to direct our sector and emerge as a pioneer.

The principle of demonstrating values forms the basis of our human resources processes. We aim to ensure gender equality and offer equal opportunities to everyone in all our projects and processes. One of the main purposes of our value principle is to also raise awareness around this issue and perform actions that will serve as a strong example.

At Sanovel, we are working to direct our sector in the field of diversity and inclusion. Our Sanovel behaviour model signifies a system of value and priorities built with a focus on inclusion and diversity.

Furthermore, we understand that the basis of leadership behaviour is the ability to empathise. In order to be a leader at Sanovel, the ability to empathise, respect differences and be inclusive is required for every decision that is taken.

Making A Balanced and Worthwhile Life Constant

We at Sanovel work to create a balanced and worthwhile life for our employees and in turn help create a sustainability society. Our fundamental values, such as being inclusive and being open to diversity supports employees in becoming happy and successful individuals. We recruit and develop mixed talents with varying skills, competencies, backgrounds, and experiences to create a rich culture that is diverse.

We believe that living a balanced and valuable life with an understanding of diversity is the basis of a healthy company culture. We see diversity and inclusion as a path to growth and sustainable development both for a company and society. We reflect our principles and practices based on diversity and inclusion not only within the company but also in our distribution channels, suppliers and business partners, working within the framework of these principles. We are happy that our values, which we consider so important, go on to inspire our stakeholders as well.

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